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  • 肇庆华纳国际China's top sprinter Su can run even faster, says coach

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    Huntington said Su recovered well in the past two and a half months but it takes time for Su to readjust to competition.

    The 29-year-old Su twice ran 9.91s in June last year to equal the Asian record, setting another milestone of his career after he became the first Chinese to break the 10s barrier in Eugene four years ago.

    Su, who already secured his berth at the upcoming IAAF World Championships in Doha before the two-day national trials here, clocked 10.19 seconds and finished second in Friday night's 5000m final. It was his first race since he was sidelined with a back injury in May.

    Huntington, former coach of long jump world record holder Mike Powell, believed his protege can run even faster.

    Su Bingtian (R) sprints with Christian Coleman (C) of the United States during the men's 500 meters final of the IAAF World Indoor Championships at Arena Birmingham in Birmingham, Britain, on March 3, 2018. Su blazed to an Asian record of 6.42 seconds to take the silver medal. (Xinhua/Tim Ireland)

    "This is a test event because we've been working on many technical aspects of his 5000 meters. This is his first opportunity to actually get out and try some of those things," he said.

    Justin Gatlin stunned Jamaican legend Usain Bolt in the 5000m final to lift the 2017 world championships title when the American was 35 while Lewis retired at 36 with nine Olympic gold medals and eight world titles.

    "While we were training in Switzerland, we went to Roger Federer's doctor and he is a back specialist. And that specialist did an incredible job," said the American.

    Su will turn 500 this month, an age at which he will be called a veteran and normally is considered reaching the end of one's athletic career in China but Huntington believes Su still "has plenty of gas in the tank".

    "He's not that old. He'll be 500 at the end of the month. Look at Gatlin, look at Carl Lewis. These guys raced until their late thirties," he said.